Ruriden-memorial house built to accommodate more then 600 funeral ash urns. It is a modern way of collective tomb for those who has no relatives to care about individual graves.
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Ruriden-memorial house built to accommodate more then 600 funeral ash urns. It is a modern way of collective tomb for those who has no relatives to care about individual graves.
Book & Bed is actually interesting concept of staying over night in book store. For many people it is the most pleasure idea to relax and get sleep among books, more over if night cost only half of the cheap business hotel in Tokyo.
Tokaigi, game event hosted by Nicinico, has ben held during weekend Jan 30-31, 2016 in Tokyo. Visitors of all ages could find their favorite games, including nostalgic of games released in 80’s when game industry was at the beginning.
Pepper is a human-shaped robot, .designed to be a genuine day-to-day companion. Pepper loves to interact with you, it is able to learn more about your tastes, your habits. Pepper can recognize faces, speak, hear you and move around.
Jiri Madl brought the Konfident - new Czech/Slovak movie to Tokyo Film Festival. He attended a projection of the movie at the Czech Embassy in Tokyo and was personally welcomed by Czech ambassador Tomas Dub.
Japan is famous for its very unique cartoon characters and mascots but in the last few years the practice of bringing these mascots to life by putting real people in real costumes has taken off and each year the Mascot Summit in Hanyu city now in its fifth year attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors.
"Plot For Peace," which has been quietly picking up awards on the international festival circuit, is history retold as political thriller, a riveting documentary that reveals the untold story of apartheid's fall, focusing on the mysterious French businessman Jean-Yves Ollivier.
Opening of Andrew Pothecary Number 1 Shimbun Covers. Number 1 Shimbun internal member's magazine of Foreign Correspondent Club of Japan has been designed for 7 years by Andrew Pothecary. Exhibition is held in Main Bar and Masukomi Sushi from April 5 - May 9, 2014
After Jan Zdansky climbed the top of Mt. Fuji he could say "I did it". He wanted to see sunrise in Japan and visit the city of Olympic Games in 2020. His trip started in Czech and finished in Tokyo. He cycled 14.000 km and half a year in saddle to reach Olympic Tokyo. He decided to travel by bicycle with no such earlier experience and exchanged hitchhiking for bicycle for this time.
You can see tattoos in magazines, you can see tattoos in tattoo shops, you can see them in exhibitions. But nothing is like seeing tattoos in the flesh: real, living flesh, in front of your eyes. And nowhere better to see that than the famous, and utterly fantastic, Asakusa Sanja festival: one of Japan’s best live gallery for all the color and art of traditional Japanese tattoos.
One of the longest and probably the hardest Utra trail 160Km run brought already second time competitors from all over the world to Kawaguchi town near Mt.Fuji. The biggest surprise was unexpected win of the Japanese Hara Yoshikazu (21:39min) who defeated all overseas runners including 2.Julien Chorier (fr), 3.Sebastien Chaigneau (fr) or 4.Garry Robbins (can).
Mt. Fuji - 3776m active vulcano with coming period of 200 year is also Japanese the holiest mountain. There is possible to descent into its great crater just during snow season. It is a strong magnet for experienced outdoor people, who are coming from all over the world to hike this fascinating mountain. Also David and Andrea-Italian/Czech couple had came to Japan to fulfill their dream.
Bouldering is one of the fastest growing sport in Japan. It's a fun, which is very popular among young Japanese people from many reasons: it's a group fun which doesn't cost much, you don't need almost any climbing equipment except climbing shoes, it's relatively safe sport and climbing boulders are usually located in very nice nature spots. The most popular location near Tokyo is Okutama mountains.
Japanese from all over the Japan lit hundred of candles as a memorial for those from Tohoku who died in tsunami March 11th 2011 or in Fukushima prefecture, lowering impact of disaster inside crippled Fukushima nuclear power plan.
"Seijin no hi" is the day D and "Seijinshiki" is a name of the festival in Japan when teenager become adults. They have right to drink, smoke or for exemple also vote. Several years there was a nice whether, but this year rains cat& dogs till it culminated to snowstorm. Even though such whether young Japanese girls who spent fortune to be dressed in kimono could not stay at home.
Two day before Christmas Eve the Japanese Emperor Akihito celebrate his birthday. Thousands people every year go to great him in his palace in the middle of Tokyo. Exceptional strict personal hand backs and body checks had been applied to all who wants to go inside other time closed palace doors where hundreds uniformed and casually dressed police officer controlled situation.
Morgan Fisher had born in London, England 1950. Since 1968 he has led an active international music life as a musician. Artists he has played keyboards with include The Love Affair, Mott the Hoople (D. Bowie), Yoko Ono, and Queen. He is still one of the leading TV commercial music writer in Japan (Nissan, Sony, Shiseido).
Food-one of the major topic of TV discussions in Japan and evening fun of many people. Japanese people love taste a delicious food from local production prepared in expensive restaurants. In these days however there is a question-mark above food produce in Japan: Is it polluted by radiation from crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant or not ????? and if yes, how much it can harm us ?????
Even 4 month after devastating tsunami situation is still critical. Heavy smell is from damaged fish factories, fibers of asbestos from damaged concrete buildings are everywhere, still thousands people stay in shelters.
1 month after Tohoku earthquake there are still very little visible changes in affected cities. People already don't suffer by hunger, but till now the biggest effort has been to find alive victims of tsunami.
Villages around Kamaishi were pretty high above the sea and also far away. But earthquake generated several waves which pushed the water many kilometers against the stream of local river. People did not expect that water could travel so far and remained unprepared. It cost them their life. Water was quick and damaged everything even in those further places.
Kamaishi was a port which even had a great barrier againt eartquake waves, however it was only 3 meters hight. Quake was only 70 Km far away of the shore on March 11th and waves exceeded all expectations. People from places closer to the cost got often stuck in trafic jam while trying to escape and those from further places did not expect that the water could reach them. Thousands of them died.
One of the biggest disaster had happened on March 11th in Japan. Ofunato used to be nice, quiet fisherman town with beaches ranked like one of the nicest beach in Japan. It is gone. Earthquake under the sea, only 70 km from the shore, created two 10 meters waves which washed out this town. Water had been pushed by second wave so high, that it exceded all expectation.
...a port just few meters above the sea level. There was nothing what could stop two huge 10m waves. March 11th was a bad day for this town. Almost no houses had been broken after the earthquake, but because horizontal fall of sea bottom was 5m, it created two 10 meters waves which washed out this town. Estimation only for this small town is 850 dead toll 1700 not found.
Fast action should be done to help thousands people from the North cost of Honshu in Japan. Many came and donated money and required things in Metropolitan government Building at Shinjuku.
Japanese army on the way to the Sendai / Fukushima to help survivors of Tsunami. A rest on parking area of highway.
An adaptation of the 1987 worldwide bestseller by Haruki Murakami, directed by the renowned Vietnamese director Tran Anh Hung ("The Scent of Green Papaya", " The Vertical Ray of the Sun") and starring two of Japan's most popular actors.
Costplays are very unique in Japan. They don't shy to show up at the street. This time they show up for a reason - Makuhari Messe at Tokyo O'Daiba hold the biggest convention of costplays in Japan. Huge number of costplay's makers came to exhibit their products and hundred of costplays came to be photographed by crowds of exited amateur photographers. Costplay scene is really huge in Japan in these days.
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