Hladik Martin

Hladik Martin


For almost 20 years I work as a professional photographer and videographer.
My work focus on people and creates documents, video feature stories about their lives, fun and evils. 

Based in Prague and Tokyo, I work for number of Japanese magazines and corporate clients. My feature stories are regurarly published in several overseas magazines or used by corporate clients to present themselves. I have worked for such clients like BBC, The Times, Asia Times or Sony Music Entertaiment, Victor Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Tenaris NKKTubes, Yamaha Motor Cp.Ltd., Golin Harris International Ltd., Turner International Japan INC., TNTC, Paul Hastings, Keibunsha Co, Ltd., Dorling Kindersley, ICE Tokyo.

Video records are a new approach of my service for commercial & editorial clients.
Since companies prefer to present themselves by video, I have also moved to video production field.

I create short corporate videos for my commercial clients, footage for TV news, 
budget documentary feature stories.
I work usually as one-man-band or with additional sound assistant and or production assistant. For bigger project I cooperate with Frontier Production, Tokyo based news producer. I minimaze expenses by advanced detailed preparation, by low budget flies and efficient work in location.
Video footage is full HD (1080p), NTSC or Pal, edited by FCP7, FCP X, camera Canon 5D MIII,
 Sony PXW FS-7, Tascam DR100, DR-70D, Sennheiser MKE 400 for clear audio records.
My personal work contains a great body of images which describe Japanese tradition, Japanese culture and craft, but also undeground society of Japan.
I recently published a book "Traditional Tattoo in Japan: Horikazu-Lifework of the Tattoo Master from Asakusa in Tokyo" - featuring traditional school of tebori - Japanese style of tattooing and surrounding underground culture of the tattooed society. Samples from the book could be seen here. 
As an owner of the Agency mh, speaking in English, Japanese, Russian, Czech, I hire other Japanese stuff as freelance producers, light assistants, location services, rental shops, journalists, writers, TV announcers.
We are a great team who can produce high quality photo / video shoots in Japan, other Asian countries or Europe.

Digital Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Video Camera: Canon 5D Mark III, Sony PMW-X200, Sony PXW-FS7-hight frame rate 4K

SoftwareMacs + Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro XPhotoshop, Capture One, Lightroom, Photo Mechanic

Lights: I am experienced to work with large video lights like HMI ARRI 1,2 or 2,5KW, fluorescent KinoFLO 55Wx4, Tungsten 500W, 1KW, 2KW or battery powered FLO LED Ligh 500, 1000

Still shoots: Profoto D1 500Ws, Profoto Acume 1500Ws, Hensel 500Ws

Audio Recorder: portable digital recorder Tascam DR100, DR-70D, microphone Shure SM63LB


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